Below is a list of my speaking engagements.

Date Host Event Title
9/30/2020 X-Europe webinar series The Strong ML Hypothesis The Strong ML Hypothesis
6/10/2020 SF Python SF Python Presentation Night on Data altair_recipes: a Python package to generate essential statistical graphics for the web
8/18/2019 SF Python PyBay 2019 Writing good python APIs with autosig
10/24/2015 ACM Bay Area Chapter Data Science Camp Dplyr on Spark: data wrangling bliss
3/31/2015 Bay Area UseR Group Meetup Randomized software testing in R with quickcheck
10/29/2014 BIG Data technology and applications - East Bay Group Meetup RHadoop – Scaling the R Language for Big Data Analysis
9/23/2014 Bay Area UseR Group Meetup 10 eigenmaps of the United States of America - Antonio Piccolboni
7/02/2014 UCLA The R User Conference Plyrmr: a data manipulation DSL for big data
2/17/2014 Bay Area UseR Group Meetup plyrmr, Hadoop Mapreduce for the rest of us.
10/28/2013 O’Reilly Strata Conference Using R and Hadoop for statistical computation at scale. (Tutorial with Joseph Rickert)
10/10/2013 Los Angeles Hadoop User Group Meetup Making R play well with Hadoop. (with David Champagne)
5/15/2013 Orange County Hadoop User Group On line meetup R and Hadoop
1/24/2013 SF Data Mining Meetup Scalable Analytics in R with rmr
10/13/2012 ACM Bay Area Chapter Data Mining Camp RHadoop
10/09/2012 Bay Area UseR Group Meetup rmr 2.0
6/14/2012 Vanderbilt University use R! Slicing and dicing big data with RHadoop-rmr
5/02/2012 Revolution Analytics Webinar R + Hadoop = Big Data Analytics
3/02/2012 Linkedin Seminar RHadoop and rmr – mapreduce in R
2/29/2012 O’Reilly Strata Conference RHadoop, R meets Hadoop
1/18/2012 Yahoo! Bay Area Hadoop Meetup RHadoop, Hadoop for R
12/08/2011 University of California, Berkeley, Dept. of Statistics Statistics and Genomics Seminar RHadoop, the Marriage of R and Hadoop
11/09/2011 Cloudera Hadoop World The Powerful Marriage of R and Hadoop (main speaker: David Champagne)
10/11/2011 Bay Area UseR Group Meetup The RHadoop Project
10/15/2011 ACM San Francisco Bay Area Data Mining Camp Session: R and Hadoop
Panel Discussion:How to Deploy a First Hadoop Analytic Data Mart